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Our Versions

FREE Version :Is a trial version with the ability to record once.

PROFESIONAL Version It has no limits on recordings and analyzes only from sound recording by detecting the number of snoring, sound level, obstructive apneas and more, including statistics and solutions.

PREMIUM Version (Operate Full new in 2018) Links to our Pulsioximeter and adds on the previous version a more advanced report with blood oxygen level, oxygen desaturations and heart pulse during the recording, also emitting solutions and obtaining statistics.  

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NEW 2018

Unlimited recordings No Si Si
Sound Analysis Si Si Si
Number of Snores Si Si Si
Number of Obstructive Apneas Si Si Si
Volume os Snoring Si Si Si
Time for Snoring Si Si Si
Anti-Snoring Si Si Si
Alarm Clock Si Si Si
Sleep Sounds Si Si Si
Factors per Session Si Si Si
Remedies for Session Si Si Si
Sensations to Awakening Si Si Si
EpWorth Test Si Si Si
Exports Results Si Si Si
Soluctions Si Si Si
Statistics No Si Si
Oximetro connection(*) No No Si
Blood Oxygen Level SpO2 No No Si
Desaturations of Oxygen No No Si
Time for SpO2<90% (CT90) No No Si
Beats per minute No No Si
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