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About Us

We all know how it feels when you sleep like a log, sleep the sleep of the just or just sleep heavily. Its delightful because resting make us feel pleasure ( sleeping well increases endorphine levels). On the other hand, not sleeping or sleep badly is annoying or unpleasant. Besides if you’ve spent the day on the road or working with machinery it could be even dangerous. The reasons because of a bad sleeping are diverse, but there is one of them that comes from sleeping or living in company, and it doesn’t have to be caused by yourself to keep you awake: snoring.

And it’s in here where the movement for this SleepControl project have its source, someone in one point of his life, stops having a stable relationship because of being an usual snorer, and from that time bothering other people that are around him becomes a problem that he doesn’t know how to manage, he doesn’t rest when he is sleeping in company trying not to snore. This obsession leads him through a fight trying to put a brake on it that thinks will be solved going to the doctor.

The doctor, after some medical tests diagnoses him Apnea, which means that it’s not just that he snores bothering his company when sleeping, but also that he doesn’t rest ( he doesn’t reach the rapid eye movement sleep (REM) , the restorative part of our sleep cycle, because he has “microwaking ups” ). As a solution for this problem, the doctor propose him to have surgery to remove most of the uvula and some of the soft palate around it.

The Doctor says this operation reach its aim in 3 out of 4 (75% success), on the other hand he offered me to try with the CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure), a machine that helps a person who has obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) breathe more easily during sleep. It acts sending a continuous positive pressure to the airways to maintain them opened and avoiding their obstruction so the apnea can’t be occurred. It’s important to know that this machine is quite ostentatious, and it’s far from comfortable sleeping with it. Related to the operation, the postoperative would be around 2 weeks (it depends on the case), the uncomfortableness and the irritation is unmeasurable and the loose of the loss of taste perception can be one of the inconveniences.

In front of this scenery he decides to find out about snoring and finally make up his mind about creating an App that would help other people to settle on one of the possible solutions.

With the help of a medical team among which are Odontologists / dentists/dental surgeons and Neumologists, started to collect further information, after loads of day journeys of working was created what is today SLEEPCONTROL.

The information is important and the measure of the facts crucial, to know in which point of the disorder someone is. With this information and hard work it can be avoidable ending up in the operating theatre or sleeping for the rest of your life with a CPAP, the monitoring of the facts measured by the SleepControl tool, allows us knowing if we are on the right way as well as receiving the needed reward to continue working with courage.

SleepControl can export the information of the saved sessions so they can be studied by experts, doctors or any other.

We only want to bring people to work for reducing your probablility rate of suffering a Pathological Respiratory Disease.

You’ll feel free, you’ll raise the level of concentration, your mind will work better and you´ll be a better version of you even with relations..

Nowadays Peter’s still working on his rates to improve them.