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Do you rest while you sleep?

SleepControl analyse your snoring to detect the possible obstructive apneas (respiratory disorder) you could have during the night. With all the information obtained we will help you to find the solution for you to improve the quality of your rest.


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sleepcontrol features
  • Sound Test

    Recording an audio while you sleep the app counts the number of snores, the time that you’ve been snoring, the volume reached and the possible obstructive sleep apneas (OSA, when the breathing stops while you’re asleep) that you could have during the night.

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  • Oximeter Test

    The Bluetooth connection between SleepControl and the oximeter alouds measuring the saturation of blood oxygen (SpO2), the pulse and the time you spend with SpO2 under the 90% recommended.

  • Anti-Snoring

    With the aim of making the user change his stance/pose and stop snoring, It’s possible to adapt the average volume of snore above which it will turn on and make a noise. This noise can be also editable; for example, the user can choose the kind of noise it would sound among a large list, the volume of the noise or even the times you want it to be repeated.

  • Feelings

    SleepControl asks the user to indicate His waking up sensations in 5 levels and shows a graphic that contrasts this information with elements like weight, sedatives, alcohol…etc and remedies taken (new pillow, devices, etc) that the user denoted before sleeping and the moon phases.

  • Solutions and statistics

    With all the collected information we estimate the probability of having a respiratory disorder giving personalized solutions to the rate reached in the anilisys. In the reports it’s possible to contrast any two variables of the previously cited in the saved sessions and see the evolution.

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